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Released: 2011

Running Time: 101 mins





The Law In These Parts

THE LAW IN THESE PARTS explores the four-decade-old Israeli military legal system in the Occupied Territories.  Since Israel conquered the territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the 1967 War, the military has imposed thousand of orders and laws, established military courts, sentenced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, enabled half a million Israeli "settlers" to move to the Occupied Territories and developed a system of long-term jurisdiction by an occupying army that is unique in the world.

THE LAW IN THESE PARTS explores this unprecedented and little-known story through testimonies of the military legal professionals who were the architects of the system and helped run it in its formative years. 

Directed by Ra'anan Alexandrovicz and produced by Liran Atzmor
Executive produced by Laura Poitras