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Released: 2003

Running Time: 86 mins


Peabody Award 
Independent Spirit Award Nominee
Emmy Award Nominee
SXSW, Best Documentary
Center for Documentary Studies Filmmaker Award



Flag Wars

Set in Columbus, Ohio, FLAG WARS follows what happens when black working-class families are faced with an influx of white gay homebuyers in their neighborhood.  Filmed over four years, FLAG WARS captures the raw emotions of unguarded moments between neighbors: the lesbian realtor who sells the area’s Victorian homes; a new homebuyer who moves to the area to live openly as a gay man; two longtime residents who are in court because of new housing codes; and the judge who hears their cases. From porch conversations and family dinners to public hearings and street protests, FLAG WARS provides a rare and extraordinarily intimate account of the social and human consequences of capitalism and the pursuit of the “American Dream” told through the lives of residents in a community confronted by gentrification.

Directed by Linda Goode Bryant, co-directed by Laura Poitras.