Laura Poitras

Laura Poitras is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, and artist.  She is currently finishing a trilogy of films about post-9/11 America.  The first film, MY COUNTRY, MY COUNTRY, focused on the Iraq War and was nominated for an Academy Award in 2007.  The second, THE OATH, was about Guantanamo, was nominated for two Emmy awards.  The third installment of the 9/11 trilogy, CITIZENFOUR, is about NSA mass surveillance and Edward Snowden. 

Poitras’s films have premiered at festivals worldwide and have received honors including a Peabody Award and Emmy nominations.  She has taught filmmaking at Duke and Yale Universities.  Her work was selected for the 2012 Whitney Biennial, where she held a Surveillance Teach-In.  She is the recipient of a 2012 MacArthur Fellowship. 

In January 2013, Poitras was contacted by an anonymous source claiming to have evidence of NSA illegal activity. After several months of anonymous emails, she traveled to Hong Kong with Glenn Greenwald to interview the source, Edward Snowden. Her NSA reporting contributed to a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service awarded to the Guardian and Washington Post. 

Along with Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill, she is co-Founder of THE INTERCEPT.  She will have her first solo museum exhibition at the Whitney Museum in 2016.  She currently lives in Berlin.